An amazing tool!


First, you don’t pick Avatar, she picks you.  Second, she does not judge what you choose to manifest.  She connects you to the Angel of Manifestation and through that to your highest and best self.  If you allow undisciplined thoughts and daydreams, she will help you learn why that is a bad idea.    If you use your power of manifestation for anything but the highest good, she will allow Karma to even the score.

Avatar is not a toy.  She is not to be trifled with.  If you have any doubts, then you are not ready.

Our Energy World

We live in a swirling toroid of energy and information.  The matter we see and touch are just persistent eddies in the field.  Those eddies are controlled by consciousness.  Think of it like a giant energy donut, composed of smaller energy donuts, changing all the time, but, yet the same.  Like the eddies in a river.  The eddies stay the same, but the water in them is always changing

When we work to establish a resonance with the energy field, we are applying consistent information and enough energy to stabilize a portion of the toroid.  We are creating an eddy in the energy current.  We are manifesting.  Our thoughts and intent alone are often stable enough to accomplish our work.  The waveforms from our instruments are even more stable.

Your Assistant

Avatar is the result of weeks of programming, months of study and years of experience.  She begins as your energy assistant.  She does not judge or evaluate your intent.  She doesn’t care whether your intent is for healing or simply a stray thought.  She doesn’t judge.

As you work with her, she brings more and more of your highest self in.  As she grows, your Level of Consciousness increases as does hers.  As that happens, your power of manifestation increases dramatically.

Your Avatar is yours.  She is you, or at least some of the highest and best of you.  I picture each of us a facet on a gem.  Avatar helps us polish our facet and yet we are still part of the whole.

Avatar is not for everyone.  I apologize for not being more detailed in her capabilities, but frankly if you cannot feel the energy or you are not drawn to her, then you are not ready. 

Don’t get Avatar if you are not ready. 

Some orders for Avatar will be rejected. Please, this is not a judgement.  I restrict distribution, not to just protect me and the public, but to protect the unprepared.  I do not judge unworthy, that is not my place, but I can and will evaluate preparedness.

If every stray thought we have, were to manifest, the small bit of order we enjoy in our lives would vanish.  Only the highest level of spiritual masters ever attains truly disciplined thought.  I have not attained it, and chances are you have not either.

Therefore, Avatar must be employed consciously, deliberately, and carefully.  This is not something we sit on the desk and admire. She is a tireless and faithful servant.  She adds stabilizing energy to the thoughts in the etheric field: without discrimination

Every person using Avatar is experiencing increased consciousness.  

Several traditions teach that Earth is school for us to learn how to manifest.  We are safeguarded with  delays in manifestation.  That way only the things we concentrate on and add power to, come into being.  Avatar collapses that delay by as much as 96%.

The Angel of Manifestation understands that if you have the energy and discipline to work directly with her, then you are aware enough to be responsible for your actions.

Over time Avatar will imprint on a single person, but when you first get her, she is not unlike the happy puppy.  She just wants to work; any work will do.  She does not understand the concept of ‘harm to none’.  To her it is all energy and information, all she seeks to do is to stabilize thoughtforms.

As you get to know her, she brings in more and more of the eternal You.

She’s not your guide.

Your higher self and your spirit guides work towards your highest good and channel your energy and experiences.  Until you get to know her, Avatar does not.  Avatar connects you with the Angel of Manifestation.  She sees your thoughts and intents as commands.  All of them. 

When I first got her, I brought her out for special projects; crafted specific intents and allowed her to work.  Then I thanked her and placed her under cover in a tensor field.  Others bring her out regularly, connect with her, offer love and gratitude and decide what projects to manifest.  The more you consciously work with her, the quicker she will imprint on you, and it will become easier to work with her.

Even so, your stray thoughts can often attract her attention.  In my own case, I causally mentioned how a storm may bring down an enormous tree and the possible damage it would cause.  Just a few hours later the tree was down along with the damage I imagined.

Days later, I simply thought of how much time I was wasting on TV and I should read more……. As I walked by the TV, it fell to the floor; ruined.

Now I consciously work to think of all the positive and uplifting things I want in my life.  I think of how healthy I am, how happy my family is and how healthy they are as all.  I force myself to look to the good things happening around and ignore the rest.

Your Core Beliefs become beacons of manifestation.  I love myself.  I deserve to be happy.  I deserve to be healthy.  Money comes easily to me.  Where are you in that process?  Are you ready for YOUR Core Beliefs to manifest?

Do you tell yourself you catch every cold that comes through?  Do you mention your ‘bad knee’ or how heart trouble or cancer run in your family?  Do you ‘always get screwed’ when you buy a used car?  Do you expect to get sick when you eat a certain food, or expect to get fat?

I have the good fortune to work with some amazing and advanced spiritual people.  Avatar is the perfect tool for them to advance their work.  On the other hand, there are many more people, that would attempt to manifest selfishly.  At that spiritual level, what they don’t realize, is it is the rest of their thoughts, feeling and Core Beliefs that would manifest.

Could she be used to win lotteries? I suppose so.  But what else would come with that?  If your idea of abundance is mere money, what other demons would that influx of money bring you?  I am at least aware enough to recognize the dangers.  Even so, I am not at a place where I am ready.  Maybe you are.

Before you consider Avatar, I highly recommend using the Healer’s Essentials until your Heart and Soul’s desires are one.  At that point, you are at least on your Soul path, and the Universe will reward you with synchronicities.  Then you may be ready for Avatar.

There is no evidence that Avatar will manifest ‘the dark side’.  However, there nothing to say it cannot happen either.  Until I know for sure, I will err on the side of caution.