Every cell in your system should be supporting the health and wellness of the whole.




It was never ‘survival of the fittest’, it has always been ‘survival of the most cooperative’.  That is true in society, in nature and in our own bodies.  We have roughly 37 trillion human cells of 200 different types in our body all working together.  Scientists estimate there are about 1.3 times that number of non-human microbes or 48 trillion microbes.  Then there are 380 trillion viruses as well.  Then there are 101 species of fungi and on our bodies.  Then we can add the DNA we incorporate from the food we eat.  Our bodies are miracles of cooperation.

It would seem the better these different life forms all work together, the healthier the organism.   Traditional approaches seek to ‘zero out’ those forms of life that are not health enhancing.  That obviously is not that effective.  It is also time consuming and in the case of antibiotics a very limited approach.

It seems to me there must be some guiding force or template that keeps things organized.

If the template is strong, everyone plays from the same ‘sheet of music.’  But if something interferes with that template then things can get out of balance.

Maybe it starts with poor digestion and flatulence.  Maybe there are chronic infections or skin issues.  Maybe some cells abandon the template altogether and turn cancerous.  Or maybe some pathogen begins to multiply uncontrollably.

Just imagine what happens every time we eat.  Cells and tissues break the food into its constituents.  Acids and enzymes are produced then an entire army of biology further digests the food and releases minerals and nutrients in the digestive tract.  Some imbalances create digestive distress including flatulence or constipation. Other imbalances have been linked to immune suppression and obesity.

Our current science teaches that a major portion of our DNA is junk DNA.  The idea being if they can’t figure out what it does, then it must not do anything.  My belief is that our DNA acts as a programmable antenna into the morphogenic field.  I believe each chromosome and each codon is tuned specifically.  I also believe that there are major portions of DNA that can be programmed to meet current or changing needs.

It is that belief that helped me develop some of the transmutation reagents that help the body to transmute toxins into beneficial substances, just like happens in the digestive system of chickens and earthworms.

So, we have all these DNA strands, our own as well as all the other life forms in our system.  Alforone is built to take advantage of the programmable nature of DNA.  Perhaps that pathogen we have sought to eliminate can simply be reprogrammed.  Perhaps fighting these things head on should be used as a last resort and other methods may be even more effective, if we take advantage of the built-in capabilities of life.

In one form or another the issue of returning to balance has been at the center of health and wellness research for thousands of years.  I will not say Alforone is the radionic miracle I have been seeking.  I will not say it will resolve previously unsolvable problems, but even I am impressed.

The science of Alforone is complex, the concept is not.  By strengthening the energy template of an organism, all the cells in that organism tend to function more as a team and less as individual life forms.

When there is an imbalance of pathogens in the tissues or fungi in the gut, those imbalances are symptoms that overall cooperation has broken down.  Cancer cells are the very definition of rouge cells that have embraced ‘survival of the fittest’.

The issue with all these examples is that ‘survival of the fittest’ is a myopic response at best and by putting the needs of the few over the needs to the many, the organization itself becomes weaker and eventually collapses.

Think what happens to the all the different life forms when the host dies.  Not only do the cells of the host die, but the other life forms are also in trouble.  Some of them will be involved in the decomposition process, but many more will die as well.  So, it is in everyone’s best interest to work together to keep the host healthy.

We can do that by increasing the cooperation of the individual life forms, so the organism or organization becomes stronger, is more functional and lives longer.

To manage something, it must first be measured.  To do that I want a % of the cells that are cooperating to support the energy template.  Whether those are microbial cells or my own cells, I want to know roughly how many ‘rogues’ there are.

With Cellular Coherence (82.4-33.9) I now have a percentage.  When I balance different things, that % should increase as the organism heals.              Just as General Vitality gives us a marker, we can use to evaluate our efforts, Cellular Coherence gives us a more specific marker.

If there are raging infections, this reading will be lower than those of a healthy individual.  If the subject has cancer, likewise.  Suppose after a medical procedure this reading shows cellular coherence has fallen?

If it is low, then we can expect more infections.  We can expect possible cancers.  If it is high, then less so.

Recently there was an advanced spiritual person with some debilitating physical issues.  After a number of accidents, injuries and surgeries, her body was simply not working as well as should would prefer.  But when she simply held Alforone, she told me that entire areas of her body and brain seem to light up.  She said it was like walking on water and she hadn’t felt anything like it in years.

When I asked her what % of her cells were working for her health and wellness she had laughingly told me probably 10%.  I am sure that figure is low, but her response showed what can happen when the cells in the body are following the energy template.

This reagent comes with a Twisted Sage Tuning Ring.  When you want to use Alforone, slide the tuning ring to the optimal location for that project.  This can increase the effectiveness by many percent.

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