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  We Manifest The Future
People believe our future is built on what is past.  On the contrary, we are building our future with every thought and it is those intents that pull us forward

It never was 'survival of the fittest.'  It has always been survival of the most cooperative.
Health Comes From the Energy Field  

Is it a cause or an effect?  If it is physical then it is a result of what is happening in the energy field.
The Cause is Always Energetic

The cause is always energetic.  Unless it is an emergency, ignore the symptoms; find the cause and address it.

The theory of octaves in relation to health and healing.
Analyze and Learn!

The more you analyze, the more you will learn.
 Review of the Rapid City Radionic Symposium 2023

Several new discoveries and a way to measure soul integration.
Missing Notes (Frequencies)

Replacing the missing frequencies in your energy field.
 Upgrading the Curriculum

It is time to look into specialty classes and more hands-on sessions.
Ultra-High General Vitality  

Finding the ultimate cause behind the cause may end up being more about what they expect and their self-image than we would first imagine.
Dismantle Emotional Heart-walls    

To complete the healing process there must be unrestricted flow of energy and information..... those walls that once protected you can now hold you back.

Tissues that lose polarity can seem fine, but still be inert.
 Operation: Create Sacred Places 

As radionics practitioners, we can not only send healing energies, but can even imprint them into buildings.
 Year-End Wrap-Up : 2023

We have made a lot of progress in 2023, here are some of the highlights.
 Stop Negative Programs

Here is a way to get a count on the number of negative programs currently running in your energy field.  Then there is a reagent to stop them.
 Timeline Nodules

Break the cycle!
 The Fog in the Cells

The Fog in the Cells
 Advanced Class Preview

Advanced Class Preview
 Processing Emotional Debris

Processing Emotional Debris 
 Empowering Radionics

Empowering Radionics
 Change Your Assumptions

Change Your Assumptions