Solar Flash


Frees the blockages to allow manifestation.

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The Wisdom Teachings series with David Wilcock on Gaia TV, does a very good job of explaining the legends, history and folklore of the periodic solar flash that stimulates evolution and changes civilizations.  Some refer to it as the end of the world. Others speak of it as the Ascension.  In radionics, if something is real we can capture the frequency and use it.
Ancient scriptures detail the events pertaining to the periodic solar flashes.  They speak of people changing from physical to energy bodies of golden light.  History shows that there are periodic leaps in evolution and not the gradual changes we have been taught to believe.

So it seems the solar is related to changes in DNA as well as environmental changes.  Following that line of reasoning, I believe that the Solar Flash, for lack of a better description, embodies the ‘Spirit of Change’….


Our 3-dimensional reality is a holographic projection of consciousness.  Consciousness creates it and maintains it.  As our thoughts (consciousness) changes our reality changes as well.  From what we know in our radionic work, the interference patterns of light we call matter can be changed if we have the correct information to change them and enough energy to do so.

Suppose then, that these solar flashes make matter more ‘liquid’ (meaning changeable).  Suppose that rather than this being some kind of highway to heaven or some mystical magical gateway, it simply lowers the energy threshold needed for things to change… Or perhaps more correctly it simply adds more energy to the entire system which in effect makes change much easier.

Think of the Solar Flash like a universal enzyme.

It kind of makes sense, when you consider that when the sun shines upon the Earth, plants grow and change.  Things left outside tend to break down in part to the ultraviolet light from the sun.  Many times when we are stuck, simply going outside and standing in the sun, with our bare feet on the ground is enough to get us ‘unstuck’.

Now apply that to a solar event, where for brief periods of time the sun flashes with 10-100 times its regular output.  Those things that can resonate with the increased power change and grow.  Those things that cannot resonate or absorb the energy are burned up.

So when we hear about the ascension, we are told to get ‘right with God’, and get our frequency up, and the negative issues out of our lives.  Those things will help us resonate with the higher energies.  But I am not convinced that the Solar Flash will simply push everything to a higher frequency. It will simply make things easier to change, so that whatever a being is, they simply become more of that. So those that are oriented toward higher frequencies will change upward and those that are oriented toward self-interest will become even more selfish.

Self-centeredness restricts the flow of energy.  The ego restricts energy flow as well.  If there are too many of those types of restrictions, the Solar Flash will simply burn it up.

Certainly, many will not be able to withstand the changes. But those that do will simply become more of what they already are. As for Solar Flash Series the reagent, it enables changes at lower energy thresholds.  So balancing becomes easier and faster.  But when it is used as a stand-alone reagent, it simply makes whatever is already happening happen even faster.