Restore Health

$900.00 $599.00

My first radionic ‘command’ reagent.  Provides focused intent to healing.

The Divine Healing Field is a truly remarkable reagent. When the healer holds and uses it, the results are nearly magic.  When a person that is ill just holds it and feels the energy they all report remarkable results.  But when I broadcast it alone the results are mixed at best.

The Divine Healing Field is an information field, but it requires intent and direction to make it work.  That is where “Restore Health” comes from.

“Restore Health’ is a ‘command’ reagent.  It provides intent and direction.  By itself “Restore Health” is nearly as powerful as “Divine Healing Field”, but when the two are used together the results are almost magical.

When the two are broadcast together, readings for General Vitality climb to where I can hardly believe the numbers.  When the two are held by someone wanting to be healed, what they tell me, makes me a believer.