Loosh is the energy of creativity  generated by strong emotions.

Loosh (or Losh or Loche) is produced by intense emotions.  Some say it is life-energy itself, but my research indicates that Loosh is the energy of creativity. 

Intense emotions (such as fear or love, or lust) spur us to greater creativity.  So even as the blood supply to our brain decreases, the energy of creativity increases. That is when we get that flash of insight.  It is also related to the passage of time.  As we get this burst of creativity we are also able to slow the passage of time and increase the amount of change between each ‘blink’.

Think of “The Flash”. He controls Loosh so to us he seems to be moving very quickly.  Think of the martial arts expert that is able to slow time down when he is fighting.  He also controls Loosh.

It is creativity that moves civilizations forward.  Creativity spurs technological as well as cultural advancements. Without creativity civilizations become static.  Think of the things you have manifested in your own life.  How many times did they come about because of an intense emotional experience?

Maybe you are a writer or artist. Have you ever suffered from ‘writer’s block’?  What if you could dissolve that blockage simply and easily?  Loosh may help you do just that.

If you are not already familiar with the concepts of manifestation, or you have not realized that YOU manifest the things in your life (both good and bad).  OR you live with people that have not reached that point yet, STAY AWAY from Loosh.

Loosh supports your ability to manifest what you think about.  I built this reagent. I am aware of how it works and am well aware of what it can do, but I keep it in storage except for special projects.  If you are not disciplined in thought and deed, there is no greater curse you can place on yourself than to manifest your thoughts….

I warned you.  There is no refund on this one, even if you send it back.  In fact, don’t be surprised if when you order it, I dowse to see if it is in the highest good of all before I send it out.

If I have already lost you, don’t worry, it is all covered in more detail in my classes. Likewise if this clashes with your belief system, then pass this by..