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Life Force is that fundamental force that we can see and feel, but have a difficult time defining.

The Life Force Process is one of those concepts that we kind of feel what it means but have a difficult time defining. We see it as vigor and growth and health and vitality. We see what happens when it is gone. In popular culture we often hear of seeing the ‘light in their eyes’ or seeing that the light is no longer there. I wanted to explore Life Force and see if there was something I can measure. I know if I can measure something, I can manage it. IF I can manage it, I can optimize it. It seems to me that optimizing Life Force is a good thing…… First, I found that a simple rate to measure is easy. But balancing Life Force is quite complex. That is because not only it is a complex frequency, but Life Force is a dynamic process.

I set about measuring relative Life Force to see where the common levels are….. For instance, a newborn baby in America (before inoculations) has an average Life Force of about 90% of optimal. By their first birthday, their average Life Force is 52%. At age 30, it is 22%. By age 60 the average Life Force of an American is about 10% of optimal. These numbers are all ‘scientifically verified by dowsing’, your numbers may differ, but the point is, Life Force is below optimal for most of our lives. The Life Force of a young open-pollinated corn plant is 81%, while that of a ‘triple stack’ GMO corn plant at the same stage is 35%. Eastern Mystics are taught to preserve their Life Force and not waste it.

They teach that Life Force is ‘lost’ during sex. That would make some sense, since reproduction requires that the newly fertilized egg not only have a certain level of Life Force in order to build the new organism, but it must also have a way to gather it. In order to stay alive, an organism must be able to maintain a certain level of Life Force. (Probably over 7%.) Life Force is either something an organism only has a certain amount of and uses it up over time, or it is something that it can gather or create. If it can gather it, then there is some structure that does so.

IF there is a structure then there must be a component that forms that structure. See how cool this is? As long as we keep asking questions, we can keep learning…. In my opinion, the structure that gathers Life Force is non-physical. It begins at conception.

The embryo uses the Life Force from the parents until the new structure can supply the Life Force needed to grow the new organism. At birth that Life Force starts to fall from optimal, so we can see that almost at the moment of birth, there is some malfunction that is not keeping the Life Force of the newborn at its optimal level. It doesn’t seem to be the placenta that gathers and stores it, but it seems more likely it is the amniotic sack (not unlike the coating of a seed, but with a seed, it takes water to activate the life process). So perhaps what we are looking for is a membrane, that mirrors a physical membrane.

Once we are born, the membrane that covers the body is the skin. I have already dowsed that is it NOT a physical organ that gathers the Life Force, but we have multiple layers in our Aura, perhaps one of those is where our Life Force is gathered…… again dowsing tells me the Etheric Layer closest to the body is where Life Force is gathered. Further study concerning the aura will be necessary to determine exactly what the malfunction (if any) and how to correct it. But in the meantime, we have a way to measure Life Force and we have an idea where the issue with it NOT being optimal is….. It is obvious that whatever it is that gathers Life Force is not operating at optimal levels.

There are probably many reasons why, but even being able to measure Life Force will give us a tool to be able measure how healthy our subject is, but also measure how effective our methodology is as well. If our work doesn’t increase the Life Force, then we may be spinning our wheels. If our subject shows an increase then our methodology is probably working. The difference between someone that recovers from a severe injury and someone that does not, may be a matter of how much Life Force they have.

So let’s go down this rabbit hole a little further. When a mammal is cut in half it dies quickly. Its Life Force escapes rapidly. Perhaps the Life Force doesn’t escape so much as is simply used up trying to maintain the body. Life Force is related to the Morphogenic Field of the organism. Perhaps it is Life Force that maintains that field. Chi seems to be a part of Life Force, but just a part of it. We know there are exercises that will increase Chi, but I am not aware of any that increase Life Force.

Increasing Love, Light, Compassion and Forgiveness does not seem to increase Life Force directly, but it does seem to slow its escape. We don’t get it from our food or from the air itself but directly from the ether. It is not physical. Life Force seems to be an extra-dimensional substance that certain entities have the ability to manipulate and perhaps even create. So praying to spiritual helpers for additional Life Force may increase it. What happens to Life Force, when I balance with the higher logarithmic levels of Love, Light and Compassion? Life Force increases. This here is another path of inquiry. Dowse to see how much of your Life Force is escaping or is being drained by something outside of yourself.

If the answer is anything more than zero, where is it going and how do you ‘seal the holes’ and stop the draining? My dowsing shows the average 60 year old American has a Life Force that is about 10% of optimal. Four percent is leaking away. But 21% is being taken and used by things outside of the individual. So if we just stop the leaking and the siphoning, that brings the 60 year old back to 36% which is higher than where it is for the average 20 year old American.

That does NOT bring it back to optimal, but if Life Force has anything to do with lifespan and or healing, then even 1/3 of optimal is better than 10%. Dowsing shows me currently at about 55% of optimal. I have an 8% ‘leak’ but have stopped the siphoning. I currently consume about 8% a day and bring in about 17%. That means over time, I should approach optimal levels within a matter of months. Where will this work lead? I do not know. It may be dead end, that just provides some real interesting but useless trivia.

But it may take us a step closer to optimal health. Here is the rate for Life Force (21.2-74.4). It is an analytical rate, not a balancing one. Start testing to see where your subjects are and see if your work improves it or not. My first attempt to build a Life Force reagent worked well up to a point. But it was missing something. Life Force is not a single entity, but it is a process. We can measure it at any point, but that measurement doesn’t give us the entire picture. Likewise even balancing it at a single point didn’t give us the results we needed. What I needed was a way to balance the Life Force Process. Where that will take me, I am not sure, but I have noticed that Life Force Process is a very powerful way to balance at a very deep level.