Healer’s Essentials


The Journey of Fulfillment starts when the Heart and Soul’s Desires work together in the heartspace.


Healing can happen instantly, when the heart and soul desires are connected.

Every great healer through the ages has told us they were not the healer at all, but simply a conduit of healing energies.  So when I was accused of being a healer recently, I reminded them that I am just an energy mechanic.  They are their own healer and I can only help them on their journey, what ever that journey is.  Many times, that includes them getting better, but not always.

So, over the past several years, I have continued the search for that ultimate cause behind the cause.  Most of the time, when there is a blockage in energy flow, there will also be disease and dysfunction.  So I worked to find what those blockages were and worked to resolve them.

Over time, I built overt 40 very powerful and complex reagents and frequency packages that did just that.  Each was focused on certain blockages and or specific ways to dissolve them.  This collection of reagents is truly life-changing.  Even without knowing anything about physiology or anatomy or chemistry or even much science, simply using these reagents supports healing in ways we have not seen before.

That said, the search continues.  Even though these are amazing tools, they are not the be-all, end-all I have been looking for.  They are good, possibly great, but not IT.

It was during a session with Gale West, followed up with a conversation with Sandi Isgro and reinforced by the work of Brian Besco, that I stepped back and searched for a different perspective.

Tradition tells us that all healing (and all disease) ultimately occurs in the Heart-space.  We heal when we sleep.  Of course when we are sleeping, we are not “in” our left-brain.  Sleeping puts us in the heart-space.  So, is makes sense that we heal when we are asleep.

Hands-on healers often make a point of distracting or derailing the logical mind long enough for the client to heal.  I have seen a remarkable healer that did just that.  He told me he had to get their mind totally confused so he could get past their excuses for being sick.  Again, healing doesn’t happen in the head.  Our thoughts don’t directly make us sick or heal us.  Our thoughts simply feed information into the heart space.

I have learned you cannot be in your heartspace if you are thinking about the past or worrying about the future.  The heartspace is always “now”.  In meditation, the goal is to detach from the mind chatter, and only when the mind is still are you in the now.  The longer you can stay in the now, the more powerful you become and the more ‘miracles’ you can perform.

But simply getting into the now to be in the heartspace doesn’t always promote healing. 

From the Huna tradition, healing can only happen when the lower self and the higher self agree.  That agereement comes through the conscious self.  For the Huna there are three selves, and our conscious self has to figure out how to work with the other two and get them to agree.

For Gale West (author of Money, Come Dance with Me) she describes it as your Heart’s Desire and Soul’s Desire must work together.  Sandi Isgro describes connecting the Earth Mother and the Sky Mother.  Brian Besco teaches us to connect to the Earth Center and Center of the Galaxy.

In my mind, I believe that each of these teachers is describing the same operation.  It is that operation I built into the Healer’s Essentials series of 4 reagents.

The first one is “In the Now”.  It is designed as an aid to assist the client to get into the Now, without the years of meditation and training.  Of course experience in meditation is a great help, but this reagent just makes it a little easier.

The second of the series is “Into the Heart”.  You have to be in the now in order to get into the heartspace.  You have to get our of your “head” as well.

Once in the heartspace, you simple connect with your “Heart’s Desire”, number three, and then Soul’s Desire, number 4 and hold them together in the heartspace.

Many have never grasped either their “heart’s Desire” or “Soul’s Desire”, so even resonating with them can be an extraordinary experience.  But when you bring the two together and hold them, your life priorities change.  The mundane things you thought you ‘should do’ based upon whatever society or family or peers want for you, go away.

The dysfunctional health and wellness patterns that you may have been holding based upon those defective belief structures dissolve as well.

One client had a multiple lifetime pattern of dysfunction that kept her from moving forward in lifetime after lifetime. It manifested in losing limbs, paralysis, and disease.  This lifetime it showed up as a debilitating illness that kept her bedridden.

When she connected her Heat and Soul desire, she say the disease was not part of who she really is.  It is not part of her path.  Let the healing begin!

That is what this quest is all about.  HEALING!  It all takes place in the heartspace.  The Soul KNOWS how to heal and whether we like it or not, we manifest our diseases.  Once we have coordinated our heart and soul, those diseases are no longer necessary.

In fact, when the heart and soul are connected the body heals itself, sometimes instantly.

Whether used remotely in radionics, or in person, this set produces profound changes.  Simply having a subject hold the reagents brings out the desired changes.  Broadcasting them over a period of time makes those changes nearly permanent.

When your Heart and Soul’s Desires work together, you are in ‘your power’.  You know things are working as they should which gives you the added confidence to keep on target.  Then the coincidences and synchronicities start to add up as it seems the Universe is working to help you manifest your desires.  The result for me has been magical.