Fundamentals and Practical Radionics Class


A two-day event consisting of presentations, workshops, and discussions focused on the art of radionics. Participants will choose from a concurrent slate of programs – both lectures and hands-on workshops – featuring information appropriate for beginners and advanced radionics researchers. Come find out how the following people use radionics and subtle energy analysis to positively impact their lives, farms, businesses, and healing modalities!

Fundamentals and Practical Radionics Class
Instructor:  Marty Lucas
October 27-28 2020 – 8:30AM to 5PM

The Fundamentals and Practical Radionics Class is a hands-on workshop designed to establish and also reinforce the core functions of practical radionics: analyzing, balancing, potentizing. Specific topics will include:

• The Basic analyzing and balancing
• Selecting/testing reagents
• Cold-scanning primary & supporting rates
• Potentizing for multi-octave impact
• Practical day to day radionics for the busy professional
Each student will receive 2 of Marty’s most popular reagents valued at over $600.
The student will be analyzing and balancing, so please bring:
  • Any Hieronymus-type two-dial radionic instrument and potentizer. ( However, a limited number of rental instruments are available.) Contact Marty for new instruments, accessories or to reserve rental instruments.
  • Samples of soil, water, seed and pictures of pets or animals.
New Students: Individual Enrollment for 2-day class $400.00
New Students: Couples Enrollment for 2-day class $600.00

Single-day options and returning student discounts available, contact Marty for details.


Marty Lucas at The 2020 Radionics Symposium

Class Name – Treat the Soil as and Organism
Vendor – Every Advantage Consulting: Kelly Radionics Technologies

2020 Radionics Symposium – October 29-31, 2020 | Rapid City, South Dakota

The 2020 Radionics Symposium is in its 8th year of Advanced Radionics Classes – covering Humans, Livestock, Pets, Crops, and Gardens. With multiple speakers over 3 days, the emphasis is having practical, applicable information that you can take home and USE in your radionics practice or on your family, animals, and property. Additionally, the speakers come from varying walks of life with a plethora of experience in the use of radionics.  Prepared to take some amazing notes, enjoy stories of success and struggle, and have more power and confidence in radionics with the knowledge you will gain.


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Individual Enrollment, Couples Enrollment