Introduction to Radionics


16-17 July Hyatt Place Lansing

2401 Showtime Dr., Lansing, MI 48912, USA 
(517) 679 7615  

16-17 July 2022
$450  (instrument rental $50)
An introduction to the basic theory and hands-on operation of the radionic instrument. This course is designed for the brand-new beginner and anyone seeking a refresher on the basics. Topics include:
• History and Theory of Radionics
• Collecting Samples and Witnesses
• Basic A+B Analyzing and Testing
• Use of Reagents: Physical and Electronic
• Cold Scanning: What You Need NOW!
• Introduction to Radionic Worksheets
Participants will use their radionics instrument to assess the energetic strength of a witness; measure
the impact of rates and reagents; and broadcast to energetically balance and remove obstacles.

Registration 7:30 Saturday  Class 8:00-4:30 Saturday and Sunday

*Discounts for couples and returning students, email