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The Divine Feminine is Strengthening

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are coming into balance with real-life consequences.

Are Your Reagents Holding You Back?

As energy and frequency changes, many of the reagents, devices and tools that used to work, simply don't any more. Things are changing.

The Energy Of Rituals and Traditions

Our religious and cultural rituals are often energy rituals hidden in plain sight.

The Power of Synchronicity

The power of synchronicity. The more you notice it your life, the more you will see....

Advances in Radionic Work

It is easy to forget just how far we have come in these last few years, so let's take a moment and go over some of the advances.

Step Into Your Power

Now is the time to decide to be who you really are and follow your passion. Step into your power and see the miracles around you..

What Is A Radionic Reagent?

Radionic reagents can be complex frequency packages, physical items, or even intent statements.

Building A New Reagent

Building powerful reagents starts with powerful ideas.


Once you understand what gratitude really is, then you can understand how to use it.

You Have To be This Tall to Ride This Ride

Energy work modalities are more similar than they are different. It isn't about certification it is about doing.

Proof Is In The Doing

You have nothing to lose by trying. If it doesn't work, then you are closer to finding what does.

You Cannot Soar As Long As You Are Tethered

Perhaps it isn't so much about raising our frequency as it is about shedding those things that keep us from rising.

Finding The Cause…

We haven't found the ultimate cause behind the cause....yet. But we are closing in and it is just a matter of time before we find it. But when we do, what do we do then?

Processing Emotional Debris

Anytime we store emotions rather than process them, we interfere with energy flow.

Empowering Radionics

The more you do, the more you will be able to do.

Using Transmutation to Clear Poisons....

Balancing to zero works, but changing the toxin to something beneficial works better

Change Your Assumptions

Your assumptions not only color what you see, but all THAT you see....

Spring Classic and S.P.A.M. Conference Update

Busy two weeks! Lots of new information! Some great websites to search and a booklist..

Results of Balancing with "Trust in God"

See what changes when we balance with only "Trust in God" and then "Gratitude"

The power of (proper) prayer

A prayer is an intent statement. Properly crafted and powered it works. Done improperly, it does not. It isn't magic, it is science.

The Next Question

Getting that next question is the key to the next breakthrough.

React or Respond

Disconnection causes all sorts of issues. Reconnecting and then responding to the world is the healthier path.

Measure Speed of Aging

Once you can measure something, you can manage it. See how speed of aging changes as we change broadcasts....

Desire to Heal

Blockages to healing often start with the desire to get better.

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