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Food & Nutrition

Subtle Energy (SE) Technology helps you find the highest quality food products for you and your family

Farming & Agriculture

Farmers can have healthier livestock & greater crop yields, use less polluting fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

Personal Development

The applications for subtle energy technology can help you solve problems that have been taxing you for years.

Using Subtle Energy (SE) Technology
Subtle energy technology has a wide range of applications, The immeasurable array of applications can make it difficult to grasp the enormity of this technology - a technology that leaves all other technologies far behind, including computer technology with AI (artificial intelligence).

You can use subtle energy practice with great success to select the right products and foods for you and your family, and even where to buy your next house or hire the best contractor. If you are a farmer, you can have healthier livestock and greater crop yields using less polluting fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides while reducing your inventory, overhead, and cash outlay.

Subtle Energy

Subtle energies are a name given to the energies of life, which are distinct from the inanimate material world..


Radionics is the practice of expanding a mind and material cross-over using precisely tuned instruments.


Doctors, Veterinarians, Energy Healers, Radionics Practioners and medical professionals


Tools and resources for Manufacturers, Researchers and Laypeople

Engineers & Physicists

Engineers, Physicists, PhD, Inventors, those who are working on experiments.


Farmers, Agriculture, Organic Farming, Nutritionists, those who are in the food industry.


Marty joined the military at age 17 and spent the next 20 years learning, teaching and leading. The life of a fieldgrade officer (Major) has its advantages, but Marty was looking for more intrinsic and rewarding challenges.

Industry Experience

After the military, he accepted a position as the national training director of a nutritional supplement company and within a few years started his own business specializing in animal nutrition. While most health issues were easily handled with nutrition, some were more of a challenge. Marty successfully added homeopathy to his product line and his clients found excellent results.

Radionics & Subtle Energy

Marty began studying radionics and adding radionic consulting to his business. At the passing of his radionic teacher, Marty offered to continue his work and began teaching radionics.

Marty Lucas

In the last 10 years, Marty has become one of the nation’s leading radionic consultants, instructors and researchers. In addition to his own classes, he is invited as a regular guest instructor at the annual Great Radionic Expo, the United States Psychotronic Association and the American Society of Dowsers.When he is not working in his lab, teaching, or enjoying time with his family, Marty will be on his small organic farm in southeast Iowa.

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Tesla and Marconi

In the late 1800s, many inventors including the notable Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi experimented with radio waves for developing wireless communication.


Invention of the radio

In the early 1900s, Marconi commercialized radio by opening the first radio factory. And, when radio was revealed to the public, people thought it was a miracle of science.