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Digestibility and Assimilation

There are two rates that are critical for anyone to know. They determine the efficiency of food or feed. These rates were initially developed for livestock producers. However, they apply to many living things. Digestibility is a measure of how well the digestive system is working at breaking down food or feed: 61.75 – 88.25.

What Is Assimilation?

Assimilation is a measurement of how well the digested food is absorbed by the intestines 39 – 82. Consider any food or feed. What if it cannot be digested? In that case, it makes no difference how well the minerals and vitamins are balanced. Likewise, if the cells and tissues cannot use it then it is wasted. When these indicators are out of balance, it may mean that there are enzyme deficiencies or toxin issues interfering with digestion. In mammals. it may mean there are issues in the stomach (digestion) or intestine (assimilation). Early in my radionic career, I used these two rates to evaluate feeding programs in large livestock operations. Digestion gave me a good idea of the quality of the feed. Assimilation also gave me an early warning indicator of intestinal issues long before other symptoms occurred.

These are terrific rates to help you evaluate your own diet and supplements. If the pills are not digestible, they are not useful. Even if you are able to digest them, if you cannot absorb the nutrients from them, they are useless as well. These rates don’t provide any information as to why there are issues with the food. But, issues in these areas can provide you valuable insight into other health or wellness issues.

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Emotional Efficiency Radionics Rate

The radionics rate-of-the-week were featuring this week is the Emotional Efficiency radionics rate. The rate itself is nothing too special as it’s just 66.25 – 45, but the explanation behind emotional efficiency is probably even more important to you. The way the rate was developed was under the philosophy that anything that happens to a person during this lifetime is not accidental. It is all part of the life plan. If it’s part of the life, then deleting the system should be able to handle the consequences of whatever those incidents are.
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What Are The Blocks To Healing Energy?

I just got back from the Great Radionic Expo in Rapid City South Dakota and it was absolutely one of the best conferences I’ve been to in years. There was a tremendous amount of really good information and of course it’s the conversations after the conference that they are really what make the conference worthwhile. For those of you that made it, I know you’ll agree with me that it was a great conference.
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General Vitality (GV) – Radionics Frequencies

For those of you who’ve been around radionics for a while, you know we use general vitality to see how everything else relates to it. The rate 9 – 49 for the radionics instruments is used for our benchmark. Most likely, you really have not had an instructor or a radionics class tell you exactly what general vitality relates to and how to measure radionics frequencies. Because of this scenario, we get a lot of confusion as to what general vitality is. We start having some questions. “What happens if I have a real high general vitality”? “What happens if I have a real low general vitality”? “Why did I get these results and what does this mean?”

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Radionics Intent – Examining What We Do

From time to time we need to examine the fundamentals of what we do. Just as professional athletes start spring training with the basics, it pays for us to do the same. In order to go further and faster it is critical that we have the best foundation as possible. We need to look at what it is we are doingHow do we utilize radionics intent? First, we focus our instruments on a subject. Then we tune our instruments to broadcast a frequency with the intent of changing an energy pattern in the subject. We are sending an energy and information signal. If we have enough energy, the information in our signal will make changes in the subject.

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