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Compassion (60-72.5)
I often speak about looking at emotions not as some touchy-feely expression, but as an harmonic frequency. When we do that, we can discard all the cultural flotsam and jetsam and see them for what they really are. Compassion (60-72.5) is not different. Disregard how you think it feels and try to examine it as a ‘thing’. In society love and compassion seems to be the lubrication that keeps society running smoothly. It is a kind and accepting. So, for me when I look at Compassion, I see it as a way to smooth out the rough edges. It seems to help glue and hold things together. Compassion literally means “to suffer together”.
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Exercises For Building Confidence

During the recent Winter Classic, was struck by how effective those basic demos are. For those of us that have been practicing radionics for some time, I think it is easy to forget how credulous we were when we started.

When took my first class, dialed the rates and rubbed the reaction plate and wondered how much of what was feeling was just my imagination and how much was real. In those days we would spend three days in the beginning class running rates and completing rate sheets.

We were tired on day three, but positive, and our findings were consistent. Imagination and wishful thinking couldn’t account for the similarity in hundreds of readings over several days.  Once we checked our results, we found that our readings were pretty much in line with everyone else’s. keep reading